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Cycling – Reinvented

With innovations comprising sensors and mechanical components, from the intelligent bottom bracket unit and automatic gearshift systems to rotary solutions for electric drives, hubs, and transmission bearings. Let us explore new paths and shape the future history of mobility together!


… that a bicycle could automatically adjust to the cyclist and the surroundings. It would offer increased safety, improved dynamics, and – above all – increased comfort thanks to individual, adaptive technologies that think for themselves.
Now imagine that you could develop such a bicycle with us!

Impressions from Eurobike 2015.

Leisure & Comfort

Imagine that the bicycle and cyclist are in perfect harmony. The cyclist no longer has to shift gears and can simply enjoy the ride. The bicycle measures the cadence and combines it with GPS signals from the surrounding area.

Fun – reinvented

Urban Mobility & Transport

Or imagine that a bicycle could not only find the quickest but also the safest route through a city by using an intelligent route planning system. And that adaptive systems make cycling even safer, also for cargo bikes.

Getting there – reinvented

Sport & Fitness

Imagine that the bicycle becomes a personal trainer and assists the cyclist during exercise by reacting to different situations. It can adjust the saddle, handlebar, or gear ratio electrically by exact measurement of the surroundings and the bicycle.

Performance – reinvented

Health & Care

Or imagine that the bicycle can help people during rehabilitation or therapy by measuring and detecting their performance limits using sensors and making adjustments before overloading of their muscles or joints occurs.

Health – reinvented

Our bicycle of the future is …

simple because it makes things easier // intelligent because it can think and feel // adaptive because it can adapt itself // connected with its environment.

And what are your ideas for the bicycle of the future? Let’s develop new ideas together!

1  |  app VELODAPTIC

2  |  automatic gearshift system FAG VELOMATIC

3  |  communication module

4  |  ball bearings CRONITECT-HYBRID

5  |  performance sensor

6  |  roller clutches

7  |  plain bearings

8  |  angular contact ball bearings

9  |  spindle